Cosmetology Instructor
OPEID: 01063200

Instructor’s course description
Prerequisite required.
To be an Instructor means to share, dispense and divulge knowledge and/or skills. The Program is devoted to acquiring to teaching skills needed so that an experienced Cosmetologist can more readily share, dispense, and divulge their knowledge and skills in a logical and organized manner to students just entering the career field. The total program is 1,000 clock hours in length. Text books included.
Students receive theory and practical instruction in the following subjects of the course:

Subject Hours
Theory 75
Course Development & Lesson Planning 100
Teaching Methods 100
Theory Teaching & Class Management 200
Testing & Student Evaluation 50
Teaching Aids 50
Laboratory Supervision & Miscellaneous 425
Totals 1000


Cost Information Cosmetology Program

Tuition and Fees Cost $
Tuition $7,750
Registration Fee $100
Books $200
Total Tuition and Fees $7,850
Median debt at program completion $0
On-time completion rate 100 %
Job placement rate 100%
Licensure Rate 100%
Over contract cost per hour $7.60
Credential level Certificate of Diploma
Program length in months 7 Months

All beauty supplies for customer service are furnished by the institute.

Miscellaneous Instructor’s program, the student will pass a written examination conducted by the New Mexico State Board of Cosmetology before receiving a license as a registered instructor of cosmetology. Tuition and all other charges, if any, must be paid in full.